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Bforex Partnership Program

The Partnership program Bforex offers was created to provide financial institutions with online turnkey trading solutions for retail clients. This way it enables them to yield maximum returns both from a new and already existing client base.

Who Can Benefit?
  • Large institutions looking to outsource their Forex department
  • Small companies looking to enter the Forex market with ready-made marketing, technology & liquidity solutions
  • Money Managers or IB’s looking to maximize profit from their existing client base without additional investment of costs
  • Companies looking to allow clients to become independent traders by offering free access to Forex, CFD & Commodity markets

Why bforex?


As a leading global Forex brand with over 20 years of market experience and 18 offices worldwide, Bforex offers its customers unparalleled trading experience with excellent multilingual support, and provides them with all possible advantages in conducting business operations.

When you partner with us you will get:
  • Access to the latest technology including trading systems, billing & back office
  • Regulated and non regulated, award-winning brands across the world
  • Flexible partnership program with over 300 dedicated employees to assist you
  • Manpower including marketing and sales and liquidity if necessary


What You’ll Get?

Bforex offers their partners flexible payment plans and access to all the benefits of joining an award-winning Forex broker. We provide you and your clients with trading security, advanced technology and full technical & back office support.


Becoming our partner gives you free access to the most advanced trading technologies, including:

  • Our state-of-the-art WebPROfit trading platform
  • iPhone trading platforms
  • E-payment, billing & processing solutions
  • Interactive CRM system
  • Intuitive Back office system

Become our trading partner and get full manpower for your label, as well as:
  • Experienced Dealers/Traders 
  • Helpful Technical & Customer Support staff
  • Dedicated Sales Staff
  • Compliance Officers and Analytical staff

Marketing and Consultation Services

As a bforex partner, you will get access to customized branded marketing materials and consultation solutions including:

  • Targeted banners & promotions
  • Brandable educational materials
  • Liaison with our creative & marketing teams
  • Email marketing materials & assistance
  • Website SEO analysis & development



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