Trading Platform Video Tutorial

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Watch the latest bforex video tutorial to learn more about the key aspects of the bforex trading platform.

The PROfit trading platform merges easy to use features with interactive charting and an advanced account management system. The uniqueness of the bforex trading platform enables you to gain total command of your trading account.


Targeted at beginners and professional fx traders that are looking to trade in an exceptional trading environment. The interactive platform provides our traders with a highly unique user interface and advanced trading features. While trading PROfit, you will be able to design your own layout and modify your workstation to fit the trading style that best suits you. Additionally, there are 2 distinctive formats on the trading platform menu. The first is designed for Beginners and the second is designed for Professional Traders.

The trading platform video tutorial will guide you through our elite and exclusive trading platform.

The above educational video tutorial is for bforex account holders.
The platform option used is the Beginners format.

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